Provided its ambitious potential to drive efficiency and simplicity through the establishment of different financial services processes and infrastructure, blockchain in insurance rapidly happens to be gathering momentum in the industry.

Current Landscape

The industry of insurance is shifting to open technologies, open information systems and open talent networks. Provided this scenario, smart contract solutions and blockchain have the potential to entirely automate insurance markets, thereby unlocking and locking funds as prescribed situations are met, hence dynamically enabling new markets to evolve and pricing risk. With time, disintermediation can take place as new peer to peer insurance markets, backed by blockchain technology evolve. Rather than depending on intermediaries for financial security, consumers would depend on tech-enabled transactions.

Blockchain helps address competitive challenges including limited growth in mature markets, poor customer management trends in digitisation and many more. The use cases related to insurance are expected to benefit in facilitating growth, thereby reducing cost and increasing effectiveness by automatic key procedures. Blockchain helps reshape the processes that manage the insurance sector.

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Blockchain in Insurance

although the word blockchain is usually utilised to signify distributed ledger, it is one of the various verticals of data structures of valid and secure realisation of distributed consensus. It holds transactional records thereby ensuring decentralization, transparency and security. One can also think of it as a record chain stored in block forms. Once on the blockchain, it is pretty difficult to alter or change it.

  • Every blockchain transaction happens to be secured with digital signatures proving its authenticity.
  • By leveraging digital signatures and encryption, data is stored on the blockchain and is tamper-proof that cannot be altered.
  • Blockchain facilitates all of the network participants to help reach an agreement, thereby commonly termed as consensus.
  • Blockchain helps revolutionize the trust that powers insurance, thereby helping unlock new business value through the immutable foundation of shared purpose and transparency.

Implementation of Blockchain in Insurance

Blockchain in insurance has a long-term horizon as it is based on network effects as well as on defining regulatory conditions. Apart from that, before conducting initial implementation steps, the limitations and benefits of blockchain technology fully are required to be understood. Considering each of these now is the time for the insurance sector as a whole and for individual insurance players to additionally investigate the potential of blockchain technology.

Reimagining the business of insurance together

Technological disruption is within the insurance industry and smart risk management strategy happens to be embracing it. Blockbase is assisting the insurance industry in radically transforming operations by facility faster verifiable visibility for all parties, data exchanges and transactions backed by pervasive trust and security. Our solutions help automate the insurance regulatory reporting, thereby streamlining compliance requirements by improving accuracy and efficiency for both insurance departments and insurers.

  • Blockbase solutions in insurance are transforming the financial landscape

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    The Insurance sector has remained slow when it comes to adopting new technology and is usually the last financial sector to add any technological Innovation, and blockchain technology is no exception. But, it is essential to remark that the concept of blockchain technology is being viewed at one of those unique innovations which comes with the potential to disrupt the industry, much ahead of the trend.

    The industry of insurance is all regarding managing financial risks and comes with a high volume of financial transactions on a daily basis. This makes the insurance industry vulnerable to a possibly large number of attacks, fraudulent transactions and intrusions. The industry of insurance is highly complex containing composite contracts between numerous stakeholders that demand a large processing potential.

    Distributed ledger technology comes with the potential for modernizing enhancing and streamlining the siloed infrastructure of the insurance industry utilising a shared fabric of common data. Here is how it works:

HashCash Fraud Detection Risk Prevention
Fraud Detection and Risk Prevention

By moving the insurance claims on to an immutable and tamper-proof ledger, blockchain solutions can help reduce common sources of fraud within the industry of insurance.

HashCash False Claim Prevention Management
False Claim Prevention and Management

In claims prevention, new data streams can increase the risk of the selection procedure by combining external risk, analytics and location. Our distributed ledger solutions can enable insurers and numerous third parties to instantly and easily update and access relevant data like evidence, third-party review reports, claim forms and police reports.

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Distribution and Payment Models

Global insurance can utilise the blockchain to cut asset management expenses by decreasing the hedging costs they spend to protect themselves from International transactional currency fluctuations.

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Simplifies operations

Blockchain distributed ledger solutions helps cut down on human activities need to run reconciliation and fix disputes.

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Reduce counterparty risk

Challenges and the need to trust counterparties for attending obligations as agreements get executed and codified utilising smart contracts.

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Improvises capital and liquidity

Reduces locked in the capital and brings transparency within sourcing liquidity for assets.

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Reduces clearing and settlement time

Disintermediates the requirement for third parties that bolster validation and verification, thereby accelerating settlement.

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Improves regulatory efficiency

Facilitates real-time tracking with the help of regulators of the financial activity concerning regulated entities.

Why choose Blockbase Consultants for Blockchain-based insurance solutions?

Blockbase consultants have set out for exploring the potential of utilising distributed ledger technologies in the insurance industry for helping all stakeholders within the value chain. A transparent blockchain solution facilitating multiple organisations to collaboratively assemble relevant records can help streamline claims recovery. The shared ledger capabilities can assist insurance in agreeing on claims, thereby building trust that is being shared for improving the entire client experience.

We provide essential insurance solutions by developing them on blockchain platforms that is ideally suitable to offer better outcomes and opportunities for quality, growth and efficiency over the value chain for bringing benefits to all participants incorporating end customers. We aim to provide the insurance sector with the medium to develop its community of shareholders customers and partners, thereby forming an ecosystem of insurance products and services designed for the market and by the market.

With our Blockchain Solutions, insurance organisations can convert numerous policies into smart contracts, thereby providing a consolidated view of documentation and policy data in real-time. The solution provided by our professionals allows visibility into premium payments and coverage, hence delivering automatic notifications to network participants who keep following payment events.

We act as a vital link across a wide assortment of service provider networks and third-party administrators. The shared ledger transparency of our blockchain solutions can help employers decrease errors that result in improving claims processing, lowering operational expense and bettering provider management. Ensuring contract certainty and improving risk handling capabilities ranging from maintaining shared accounts claims payments and contracts among re-insurance, we help eliminate the requirement for participating organisations across the re-insurance value chain, thereby increasing transparency and regularly reconciling their reinsurance accounts.

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