Cyber Security Services

Our cybersecurity solutions actively help in monitoring every stage of attacks with industry-leading monitoring, threat intelligence as well as response services.

Blockbase Helps Organizations in Detecting Responding and Recovering from Cyber Threats and Risks

Within the 21st century era, applications, data, and networks remain at constant risk from malicious attackers. Our cybersecurity and risk service helps address such threats. This service utilizes a portfolio of cyber defense platforms, data analytics, and frameworks in building defense systems against sophisticated and complex threats.

Cyber Security Service Offerings

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Cloud Security

Our cyber Security offering ensures a wide approach to cloud security, thereby protecting cloud system apps and data applications, while additionally ensuring regulatory demands are met and goals are not compromised. End-to-end visualization of network topology and cloud assets, real-time misconfiguration rectification, detection of security threats and risks, and round the clock tracking are some of our services that ensure world-class security standards.

We help conduct access management through robust processes along with the technologies that manage access to the cloud. active defense mechanism and cloud data protection help provide security, thereby implementing application and infrastructure security services that enable development implementation and design of secure cloud applications. We provide round the clock security monitoring as well as IR services utilizing cloud-native tools.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

our professionals help clients in leveraging advanced technologies to deliver scalable network security. We help analyze the infrastructure landscape for evaluating readiness, thereby deriving value from network security management as well as align requirements along with business performance.

Our professionals also help choose the perfect strategy and technology according to compliance goals and security. Our experts in prospect technology decisions, thereby adjust and configure the solutions to improve network security and efficiency. Managed network security management and remote tracking of network security and health are some of our services.

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Physical Security Convergence Platform

Our professionals help boost physical security with intelligent, reliable, and smart solutions that go beyond access control. companies that possess a large number of contractors, vendors, customers, and employees need physical assets.

They mainly choose our solutions that cover consultancy execution and implementation beyond access control with the help of real-time locating, perimeter surveillance, and remote monitoring. Other than that, our solutions help provide 50% savings on operational functions concerning cardholder administration.

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Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (EDR)

We look for unknown endpoint threats, thereby responding immediately. Our professionals help analyze threats and once it is validated, we include the compromised endpoints and go for prompt actions for protecting against similar attacks in the future.

We also help scrutinize and track our clients' endpoints, thereby understanding their network activity for identifying suspicious signature patterns and behavior that might be the indicators of threats. Our professionals help determine the level of priority of alerts, thereby investigating each probable security risk for identifying true threats, while reducing false positives.

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Advanced Threat Protection

Our professionals, with years of experience, go beyond conventional point-in-time detection and provide innovative advanced threat protection services that help identify attacks and alert organizations, thereby enabling quick mitigation. We use big data and machine learning practices for constant assessment management and detection of vulnerabilities along with superior malware.

Our security code helps in mitigating security flaws in the source code of apps and initiates overall risk mitigation exercises that lead to lesser vulnerabilities in the future. With retrospective security analysis, we help enterprises in investigating the entire extent of a cyber-attack, thereby evaluating accurate measures.

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Integrated Threat Management

Effective and measurable detection and action by decreasing attackers' window of opportunity with real-time monitoring and response is done by our team. Our integrated threat management system enables cyber professionals to become more smarter and efficient.

The solution approach and framework combines triaging, detection, orchestration, investigation, and management into a seamless experience for reducing time to response for every incident.

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Cyber Analytics

Our framework, driven by analytics, enables better contextualization for customizing services related to cyber analytics for our customers. We conduct advanced threat hunting, backed by an exhaustible and quick search capability. Our professionals also help provide network analytics with reports on network bandwidth usage, DNS resolutions, connection count, and many more.

After going through a detailed investigation, we help notify our customers of confirmed threat detections, apart from the actionable and elaborate context that assists them in taking immediate action regardless of the location of affected systems. Other than that, they also help conduct dynamic entity link analysis along with user detection mapping and highlighting of threat and relationships between IP addresses, users, and domain demonstration.

How Do We Work?

We collaborate with your company to develop a roadmap for protecting your current environment thereby supporting their day-to-day operations, future growth as well as revenue goals. It goes like this:

Step 01

Development of security strategies associated with business goals.

Step 02

Identification of gaps with proper allocation and utilization of resources for addressing them.

Step 03

Program state and development assessment of a roadmap to improve your security programs.

Step 04

Application of living security practices, thereby executing security strategy.

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