Digital Asset Payment Processor

HashCash HC Corporate Payment

A White Label Digital Asset Payment Processor to Flex Your Trading Arms

Blockcase Consultants brings you a White Label solution to offer your customers a frictionless trading approach.

  • This application comes with “Pay Now” buttons and an interface to smoothly connect to top shopping carts.
  • This end-to-end product incorporates bitcoin invoicing, merchant account management interface, payment dispute management and everything a popular payment processor has to their name.
  • You now own a Digital Payment Processor you may offer to your customer-base or to any conventional payment processing company with a steady network of merchants in a revenue share model.
  • You may also accept payments in other popular payment processors namely, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and HCX.

Stemming a seamless global payment network powered by Bitcoins

Eliminating Intermediaries

Billbitcoins saves you cost by 2% by eliminating the hassles of conventional card transfers and the charge of “middlemen”

Forging Global Business Ties

Enables you to receive payment in any amount and currency from any computer or mobile device.

Zero Chargebacks

Billbitcoins eliminates all risks of payment by offering the merchants the option to rollback or ask for a refund.

Identity Theft Protection

Through our network we guarantee a transparent and fair trade. Fraudulent transactions can be traced back to their origin on our platform.