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Digital Process Automation

Our digital process automation brings BPM, RPA, and AI together to add value to the business chain. Businesses across geographies can avail of our wide assortment of services and software and interact with our variegated partner ecosystem for attaining greater business productivity and provide top-notch client service. Blockbase has facilitated organizations in achieving an increase in their business efficiency by up to 50%, thereby boosting the quality of client experience they provide.

Benefits of Digital Process Automation to an Organisation

Cost Reduction

Digitally automatic processes generally performed manually decreases the cost of labor significantly. Apart from that, this process mitigates the margin of human error, thereby boosting effectiveness throughout. It results in financial savings of organizations that have a notable impact on the foundation of the organization.

Economize Time

Performing thousands of manual tasks leads to repeatedly wasting energy and time. Digital automation enables employees to channelize their efforts, thereby saving time and improving critical tasks leading to the effective functioning of the organization.

Improve Precision

Common mistakes like misplacing vital steps of procedures and documents happen to be eliminated by digital automation processes.


Automating digital processes enable launching new services and products at scale and within a fraction of time. Apart from that, the adaptability of an organization can be improved while it can keep pace and satisfy the swiftly transforming demands of the market.

Services Offered by Blockbase for Digital Process Automation

Reinvent Contact Centers

Implementation of proper strategies optimization of operations and systems result in enhanced customer management and efficiency with our solutions.

Enable Customer Centricity for Differentiation

Our protocols of engagement helps transform systems of differentiation, thereby offering a hassle-free experience throughout channels, reinventing client journeys as well as spontaneous customization for end-users.

Process Automation

Application of RPA and BPM automate manually perform complex operations whitespaces and legacy processes between platforms.

Rapid Business Application Development

We deliver business applications within the quickest time possible utilizing low code development platforms combined with agile processes that accelerate time to value.


We help transform the business value chain by implementing Artificial intelligence, RPA, and BPM. Blockbase has remained instrumental in organizations attaining a 50% surge in business efficiency, plus delivering essential digital customer experiences.

Success Stories Continuously Deliver Business Value to Customers

Our order management application implementation leads to a 55% reduction in order fallouts along with a 25% acceleration to market for fresh products.
We provide high-quality self-funded client service with a 40% reduction in operations cost backed by intelligent analytics.
Our professionals help manufacturers regularly in the delivery business process, thereby morning transformations with cycles range from 10 to 15 weeks, starting from concept production.
Services provided by our organization helps reduce the processing time of various operations from over a week down to only a few minutes.

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