Internet of Things (IOT)


The Digital Economy imposes new requirements on corporate IT infrastructures. In order to acquire, process and act on customer data and, consequently, meet the ever-changing consumer demand, businesses should adopt powerful software tools designed with scalability and extensibility in mind.


We offer end to end expertise in IoT, including IoT platform design and development, data ingestion, and building cutting edge applications that bring IoT insights and intelligence to enterprises and their business offerings. We help enterprises, technology providers and innovative startups build and deploy innovative connected platforms for use cases ranging from asset management, process automation, smart monitoring, predictive maintenance etc.


The digital wave, with its focus on automation, has far reaching effects on every single industry today. Traditional boundaries between industries are becoming weaker, and disruption has become the new norm. In this next industrial revolution that is upon us, enterprises need to look at creating newer revenue streams, transforming their customer engagement mechanisms and driving better operational efficiencies. They must also simultaneously reimagine their business models in line with changing market dynamics.

As one of the top global digital solutions companies, Blockbase serves leading enterprises across industries, offering them tailored, domain-specific IT solutions and services.

Our Industry IT Solutions have been developed keeping in mind the unique challenges of every business line. With LTI’s Industry Services and Solutions, you are assured of the high quality and superior agility every time, helping you stay on the top of your game.

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