Business After the Covid-19 Pandemic

Everyone has approximately underestimated the effects of covid-19 and people still proceed to do the same. Maximum world leaders had got it wrong and corporate leaders did not anticipate the results either. Possibly, covid-19 is likely to last for the next 2-3 years, however, the effect on transformation will endure for decades to come. It is going to change our lives forever. Know how!

Our Offices

The concept of going to the office is almost dead. It is even illegal to open offices in a lockdown. Therefore, companies understand that they don't require an office. They aren't required to pay millions of dollars in rent when each of their employees can efficiently work from home. Blockbase, for example, has declared that all employees are not required to come to an office until 2021.

Our Jobs

Many jobs can be performed remotely with the help of the internet. Therefore, with the hit of covid-19, millions of employees drove out of their native countries back to their homes to be with their family and work from home. They understood that it is not required to pay 2000 dollars a month for a tiny apartment only to live in a big city.


People came to understand that they do not like the traffic, the pollution, and the noise. They anyhow can work next to the exciting nature. Therefore, in the future, millions and millions of people are likely to immigrate from cities to farms, to small towns and beaches. By this, it indicates that New York City, New Delhi and every other major capital is not likely to be the same after the pandemic is over. At least, they will have to experience a lot less traffic.


Talent counts as the most exciting part of the covid-19 journey. If you are not required to be within the office, then the organization can hire you whenever you stay in the world. This indicates that if you are a genius living within the Philippines or Angola or Iceland, Blockbase can easily hire you right from your bedroom if you have the right talent. You are not required to have a US Visa, nor do you need to immigrate or relocate, or go to the office. Practically, since the inception of covid-19, Blockbase has hired talented employees in all its locations without ever meeting them face to face. Each of the processes was conducted online.

Why Does This Happen to be the Best Time to Drive Transformation

  • Covid-19 is likely to be around for ages to come. Coronavirus is likely to disappear, however, the after-effects will be around for a long time.
  • Once we get hold of the fact that our jobs can be conducted remotely, we will not like to go back to our previous lives, thereby ignoring the traffic and paying $2,000 for a tiny apartment only to reach an office.
  • Covid-19 happens to be a global tragedy, however, it remains a historic one. Plus, it is likely to change our jobs, offices, businesses, countries, and lives forever. It indicates that the pandemic happens to be the time for leaders to drive the much-needed digital transformation.

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