Quality Assurance and Engineering

Quality remains the key, testing it remains a challenge! Blockbase Consultants assuring you about the best QA and testing solution.

Software Testing and QA Services

Our professionals offer full-cycle quality assurance and testing services for mobile and desktop applications. We have expert engineers who remain an integral part of each project operated on the most stringent quality checks for meeting excellence. Apart from that, our professionals additionally provide standalone software testing services which happen to be taken care of by dedicated teams of extremely qualified quality assurance testers. Our testers directly report to the customer and operate closely with the staff of the customer. It is such an approach that has remained proven to be somewhat effective for long and mid-term projects that demand ultimate resource availability and product knowledge retention.

Enhance Business Resilience With Full Range of Independent Quality Assurance Services

Functional Testing

We provide a wide assortment of services that remain proven to be ideal in terms of system functionality.

Performance Testing

We help integrate performance testing services at its stages of any SDLC.

Security Testing

Our professionals protect your business from any kind of malicious cyber attack.

Compatibility Testing

We provide complete application compatibility with our superior software testing services.

Usability Testing

We allow you to understand the requirements of your target client base.

Localization Testing

We allow you to exceed client expectations with our solutions.

Everything you required for quality assurance, in one place

  • With us, you do not need to change the way you work, rather you can integrate your preferred project management along with quality assurance tools.
  • Enhance your work experience together with us, thereby resolving issues quickly by partnering directly with the dedicated testing team.
  • Have full visibility and execute the advanced quality assurance strategies with daily updates.
  • Prioritize the problems that matter and solve user-related issues with enhanced reports and proactive services.

Approach, software testing process with Blockbase includes:

  • Analyzing project requirements Our dedicated testing group of professionals would assist you in improving requirements by analyzing and studying them intricately.
  • Defining the essential points of the project Our testing engineer years would define propositions that enable the project team to postpone, stop, start or resume the testing procedure.
  • Test implementation Our testing team has garnered talent in pointing out bags and assisting developers in fixing them.
  • Test analysis and design Test suites and test cases are provided by our testing team for completed quality check procedures.
  • Result analysis and accountability Daily software quality overviews and test summary reports allow the testing team to deliver the best to you.

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