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Robotic Process Automation Benefits

  • It helps improve productivity and performance.
  • It helps integrate robotic process automation easily with notable automation techniques.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have conducted a successful delivery of more than 100 projects, thereby offering end to end integrated solutions as well as application support.
  • We have a large team of technology and domain experts as well as a dedicated industry practice area.
  • Our strategic partners work with world class product organisations to offer them with quickly implementable unique IT solutions.
  • Our experts are skillful when it comes to efficient management of projects with hybrid delivery models.
  • We have a proprietary framework for enabling quicker implementation that adds value to the business.

Blockbase RPA Services

RPA implementation, adoption and licensing services
RPA proof of concept
Robotic process automation strategy consulting and assessment
Robotic process automation development and design
Robotic process automation support and training services

Use Cases

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Supply Chain

Robotic process automation can be used in the supply chain industry for automated order payments and processing procurement evaluating inventory levels and real-time tracing of shipments throughout the value chain.

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Robotic process automation can be used by medical establishments for handling patient records, billing, claims, customer support, analytics, reporting and account management.

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We implement robotic process automation into backend operations, thereby helping manufacturing units save up to 40% of the entire expense.

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Financial Services

Robotic process automation remains extremely beneficial in the field of financial services because it can be utilised for automatic account openings and closings as well as foreign exchange payments. It can additionally be used for management audit requests and processing insurance claims.

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Human resources

Robotic process automation plays an important role when it comes to automatic daily HR tasks, employee onboarding and offboarding, updating employee information and timesheet submission processes.

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Customer service

Robotic process automation helps in offering an agile customer service by automating manual tasks within the contact centre that includes downloading and uploading scanned data, validating data for automatic rejections and approvals as well as verifying e signatures.

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