Stock Exchange Software Development

Stock Exchange Software: Stock Trading at Fingertips

Purchase and sale of Stocks and Bonds are now well within your fist, thanks to digitization. The influx of technology in the arena of trade in Stocks and Bonds has rendered it all the more accessible, simple to use and all the more profitable for customers. With the help of a trading software, it has become even simpler for first time users to get latched on the prospect of share trading. It's safe to go so far as to state that the online trading platform has attracted users who would otherwise have shied away from the idea.

This intelligent tool assists stock traders in gaining hold on different markets like the NSE, BSE, and any other global stock markets easily. Exchange software eliminates the need for external consultancy as the tool is designed to offer guidance in operation with their built-in Artifical Intelligence technologies.

HashCash Stock Software

Stock Exchange Software Features

HashCash AI Recommendation Engines

Enables users to pour in liquid funds on the go in order to maintain a continuous money flow

HashCash AI Expert Classification Systems

Enables users to withdraw their money swiftly and trouble-free.

HashCash AI Solution Image, Video & Text Analytics

Facilitates active trade with sound guidance and simple buying and selling procedures.

HashCash AI Conversational Tools
Check Losses

As an intelligent tool it provides an insight analysing the past data to ensure profitability and mitigate the risks.

HashCash AI Solution Image, Speech & Face Recognition

Keeping a train of past records to help traders strategize and recall events or news.

HashCash AI Solution Sales Intelligence

KYC regulations, as mandated by the law of the land, are abided.

HashCash AI Solution Sales Intelligence

Ledgers help traders be fastidious with their own records.

HashCash AI Solution Sales Intelligence

Assist users in maintaining and accessing their holdings with ease and efficiency.

Other Uses of this tool

  • Live stock prices and streaming quotes
  • Live trading reports,
  • State of the art charting and analysis, to market watch, price alerts
  • Provide a portal for multiple exchanges BSE and NSE, MCX, Currency, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • Multiple charting options and analysis, fundamental and technical, tools
  • Multiple market trackers on a single screen
  • Advanced filtering, letting you combine all the technical and fundamental criteria for better results
  • Customization for multiple items. It is possible to make and save the customizations, unlike websites where you have to edit indicators every time
  • End of the day charting
  • Different Exchanges
  • Multiple Graph Studies
  • User-defined alert settings
  • Different calculators
  • Easily accessibility to reports
  • Enter your own formulas, which means you can filter out stocks easily, based on your own criteria
  • Make your own calculations based on the stock tradings

What makes us stand out?

Global Access

Global access to stock markets and liquidity solutions make this a favourite.


The stock trading software allows a high degree of customization.


The software is compatible with most operating systems of computers and handheld devices.


Real time trade alerts are of great help to the end users.


Ease of operation and understanding for all levels of stock market expertise.


The software runs behind a highly advanced software interface which is very easy for search, research and strategize trades accordingly.

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