Big Data Services


Our Data Analytics chalk out strategy and roadmap to enhance your business process. Our experts advise you on the selection of tools and processes to achieve your objectives. Our analytics solutions enable businesses to acquire modern, robust and scalable architecture that would be compatible with the latest technologies and last for a long time while remaining cost-effective.

Our Strategic Consulting Services include:

  • Big Data Strategy Definition.
  • Business Use Case Identification and Definition.
  • Data Assessment.
  • Proof of Concept.
  • Technology Identification.
  • Technology Identification.

Big Data Infrastructure Setup and Support

To ensure uninterrupted implementation and smooth working of Big Data services it is imperative to maintain a robust and scalable technology infrastructure.

Our experts are ready to assess, recommend, setup and maintain the associated infrastructure necessary for the deployment of Big Data technologies. Our services include installation, integration, configuration and monitoring of Clusters by delivering optimum level of performance. We attain this by:

  • Simplifying integration of existing big data infrastructure with new set up
  • Abolishing the process of writing and maintaining complex code.

We provide frameworks and accelerators for custom data connectors while enabling data flow between Hadoop and other file formats, database systems, and packaged enterprise applications

Big Data Development Maintenance & Support

Our Data Analysts are equipped to successfully deliver the results from the entire lifecycle of Big Data implementation-deployment, development, maintenance and support. Our Big Data Analytics services include:

  • Custom Application Development.
  • Big Data Application Integration Services.
  • Integration with existing Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Sources.
  • Migration Services.

Big Data Analytics & Insights Services

The core essence of Big Data lies in studying large volumes of complex data and unraveling the patterns, co-relations and inconsistencies to arrive at a decision regarding the future turn of events. Our capabilities in Big Data Analytics Solutions space include:

  • Inferential Statistical Analysis.
  • Machine Learning/Data Mining.
  • Data Modelling.
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.
  • Analytics Optimization.
  • Data Visualization Solutions.

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