Custom Digital Asset Exchange

White Label Bitcoin and Digital Asset Exchange

Blockbase offers white label Bitcoin and digital asset exchange software solutions to enterprises seeking one stop solution for exchange platform and digital asset liquidity.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and all the major digital assets are supported on this platform. This platform promotes fiat currency purchases. The software is conceived and operated by a group of professionals with sound working knowledge and experience in Banking security systems, digital asset trading and Blockchain technology. The version is downloadable in iOS and Android stores. Our digital asset exchange platform offers veritably attractive rates and a world class security blanket.

The Platform offers

Commercial Banking

The White Label digital asset exchange software brings with it, a number of benefits to customers:

  • The cryptocurrency exchange software offers multi currency support , is SegWit enabled, multi-signature, high frequency trading platform for digital assets.
  • Supports major world fiat currencies such as USD, Euro among others.
  • Provides Bank level defenses to protect users from hacks such as 3-point architecture and DB encryption.
  • Multi-signature cold wallet and encrypted hot wallet.
  • Digital assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, HCX and ERC20 tokens are supported.
  • Architecture allows users the liberty to add or remove digital assets easily as per your requirements.
  • Enables users to conduct geography specific KYC and AML checks for compliance.
  • Available advanced features such as SegWit, BIP-32, Firebase among others unlock more opportunities.
  • Defaults to price time priority matching engine but can be customized as per requirements.
  • Available in iOS, Android and Web versions

Main Features

  • Order Book with Matching Engine
  • Customer Management System
  • Document Management
  • System for KYC/Verification
  • Wallet Management System
  • Admin Console
  • UI/UX Branding
  • Block Confirmation tracking
  • ERC20 compatible
Commercial Banking

Additional Benefits

Commercial Banking
  • Pending transaction handling
  • Segwit enabled for Bitcoin
  • 3 point architecture
  • Firebase, firewall implementation
  • Document Management System- KYC/Verification- Geography specific
  • Crypto Liquidity- Integration with other exchanges
  • Exchange FIX API