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HashCash IoT Smart Home Solution

We interface heterogeneous components of Home Automation systems, reinforce Smart Home security with biometric access controls and create feature-rich mobile and web apps facilitating connected home setup and management.

HashCash Healthcare IoT Services

Our healthcare software development team fast-forwards the Digital Transformation of the “data-rich” but “information-poor” healthcare sector by creating advanced diagnosis and patient monitoring tools and merging them with EHR and hospital management software.

HashCash Industrial IoT Solution

Blockbase Consultants helps OEMs and businesses with vast production facilities identify bottlenecks, enhance asset tracking and apply the data produced by connected equipment to train preventive and predictive maintenance models in the cloud.

HashCash Smart Retail IoT solution

The team provides assistance to brick-and-mortar businesses and retail logistics companies in creating meaningful in-store customer experiences, improving inventory management and increasing supply chain visibility.

HashCash IoT Solution Ecommerce

We utilize cloud managed services, versatile PHP-based CMSs and frameworks and native mobile app development tools to craft online stores, aggregator sites, marketplaces, mcommerce and BI solutions to supercharge eCommerce businesses.

HashCash Social Networking IoT Solution

Blockbase Consultants provides social networking website and application development services to businesses looking to increase brand awareness, leverage social data for marketing campaign optimization and integrate social features into existing web and mobile solutions.

HashCash Wearable IoT Solution

Our expertise encompasses embedded, mobile and back-end solutions for vitals tracking devices, headsets and smart accessories. We understand the constraints of wearable app development and extend the capabilities of smart gadgets while focussing on user experience and battery life optimization.

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