Investment Management & Services

Blockbase Consultants offers technological innovation process management expertise and consulting to financial organizations throughout the world to help them uniquely solve operational challenges.

HashCash Financial Market
Investment management & servicing covers
  • Asset Management Services
  • Wealth Management & Retirement Solutions
  • Client Onboarding Management Services
  • Equity & Venture Funding Consulting Services

Asset Management Services

Blockbase’s portfolio and Asset Management software solutions and services come with an entire range of technology functions from trading, transaction, cost analysis, operations management, reconciliation to portfolio management of organizations. Apart from that, we also cover everything from compliance to collateral analysis.

Blockbase APMS Suite
  • Blockbase APMS Suite provides the clients with a 360-degree view when it comes to their fund’s investment monitoring
  • We indulge inefficient management of various types of portfolio and numerous structure views
  • Our professionals provide multi-asset class support that includes alternative and traditional investment types
  • Functionality for reconciliation, fees management, and cash flows are some of our USPs.
  • We focus on analysis metrics and multidimensional performance reporting.
  • Our routing capabilities and order management are fulfilled with proprietary interfacing connectors.
  • Our professionals come with extensive capabilities for reporting when it comes to any kind of user role or portfolio.
  • Clients can get 24/7 access to portfolio investments with the help of mobile modules and integrated web modules.
HashCash APMS

Blockbase comes with technical innovation for financial organizations throughout the world for helping them solve key challenges that are otherwise difficult to solve.

HashCash Financial Market
Investment management & servicing covers
  • Asset Management Services
  • Wealth Management & Retirement Solutions
  • Client Onboarding Management Services
  • Equity & Venture Funding Consulting Services

Wealth Management & Retirement Solutions

Our financial advisors, investment analysts, and individuals offer employees with retirement plans and trusted organizations come to us for an entire range of retirement plans, trust, and management solutions. When it comes to the retirees, they present a developing opportunity for companies that have scalable retirement technology and services in place facilitating them in focusing on the client rather than on the procedures.

Blockbase WMS
  • Award-winning end-to-end Wealth Management software platform
  • Superior relationship and client management tools at all stages
  • Highlights status tracking throughout the sales cycle
  • Scalable KYC data collection workflows, scoring, profiling, and user-friendly activities management
  • A wide assortment of coverage concerning traditional banking and global investment products along with flexible asset classification tools
  • Service-based solutions for order management, proposal generation, and rebalancing
  • Multi-level performance evaluation that follows the GIPS standards and risk metrics
  • Sophisticated rules-based compliance operation to help achieve risk control and compliance by regulations e.g. MiFID II solutions
HashCash Protrade Solutions

Client Onboarding Management Services

We provide client onboarding solutions for financial organizations promising to provide a particular standardized platform to manage the entire end-to-end workflow, thereby ensuring KYC compliance for reducing money laundering risk. Our professionals also help solve the main challenges in the financial industry while onboarding new customers. They follow an agile approach that highlights meeting the challenges and automating the financial and banking processes.

Blockbase CBS Suite
  • Imaging and Content Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Business Rules Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Enterprise Communication Management
  • Content Search and MIS Reporting
  • Enterprise Security and Auditing
HashCash Client Onboarding Management Service

Equity & Venture Funding Consulting Services

HashCash VCFM
Blockbase VCFM

Ranging from analyzing private equity funds and venture capital performance to generating deal flow, Blockbase VCFM assists with your venture capital and private equity requirements. It is easy on your desktop as well as on the go with our mobile app solutions.

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