Counterfeit medicine happens to be one that remains fraudulently and deliberately mislabeled with respect to identity or source. Counterfeiting of numerous products creates issues for various manufacturing industries, thereby imposing severe threats to pharmaceutical products. This is likely to threaten public health and additionally cause loss of revenue to the legal manufacturing companies.

Challenges in pharmaceutical supply chain

The pharmaceutical supply chain happens to be facing one of the most critical tests from the covid-19 pandemic and various organisations are struggling to succeed. The potentially harmful products please the health of millions of patients at risk, thereby making them naturally assume that prescription drugs are safe and effective. This is where smart pharmaceutical supply chains come in, thereby reducing the risks posed by falsified and counterfeit medicines.

HashCash Legal Services
HashCash Legal Services


Our supply chain surveillance programs, based on expert falsified and counterfeit medicine investigations, backed by expert testing, can evolve supply chain planning thereby driving predictability, agility and resilience. Here is how our smart supply chain solutions can help:

  • Our professionals help develop supply chain processes and planning for reducing operational errors, mitigate risk, maintain business continuity and respond to market disruptions.
  • We help enable end-to-end intelligent supply chain transparency and visibility, thereby getting real-time actionable recommendations and intelligence to decrease disruption mitigation time from days to hours.
  • Our experts help minimise the complexity of supplier collaboration and onboarding. We lessen the time, expense and risk correlated with qualifying, verifying and maintaining different suppliers with admittance to a participated view of data and a permanent audit trail developed based on technology.
  • Blockbase makes it effortless to collude to settle disruptions, manage efficiencies and develop supplier satisfaction concerning critical order-to-cash along with procure-to-pay activities with our business channels and supplier collaboration solutions.
  • Our professionals help evolve your supply chain processes. We can assist you in evolving supply chain methods through smart workflows to conquer operational silos, counter to market disorders, decrease risk and sustain business continuity. With process developments, some of our customers have decreased inventory expenses by approximately 50%.
  • Our specialists have extensive industry along with domain expertise and demonstrated co-creation methodology to enhance the interplays within your people, information and methods within supply chain preparation, sourcing, production and accomplishment.

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