Our Philosophy

Our prime objective is to make AI popular and widely accessible through businesses. A few principles we adhere to:

Strengthening core functional areas

AI is not only meant for futuristic applications but is equally relevant in day-to-day operations and core functional areas. A single application can bring several benefits into multiple areas of business, be it demand forecasting, inventory planning, churn reduction, network management so on and so forth. AI can actually make significant improvements in many areas of any business.

Real-time implementation

Blockbase is more inclined towards real-time implementations of AI to bring the best outcomes in a business. AI, with real-time application into processes and functions, bring more value to the business than building a futuristic roadmap, that has no guarantee of effective implementation and is hardly relevant to the present scenario.

High Speed and Low marginal cost

Most businesses, with the fear of incurring a huge operational cost and blocking a major share of manpower back off from the idea of AI implementation. Moreover, the uncertainty about the actual outcome and possible changes in business makes them hesitant. In Blockbase, we make it easier for businesses of any size to make realistic decisions based on proven results by choosing from various trial versions.

Partnership Framework

Blockbase values its partners by giving them full flexibility and support, balanced with self-governance and control. We work together with our partners and their teams according to the following steps:



We build the application in real-time with hands-on training and knowledge transfer in collaboration with the designated team.



Knowledge transfer and training continues through the operation and deployment phase.



Complete control and autonomy are transferred after the product is live and operational. After-sales support and maintenance are provided after the product is implemented.

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